Carolina Wrens


Here in SE Michigan, we are seeing more and more Carolina Wrens.  This winter, there has been a pair in my yard nearly every day.  They seem to love the suet I put out and they drink a lot from the heated bird bath.  One day I put out some dried mealworms in an attempt to attract some bluebirds that had been stopping by.  The Carolina Wrens spent all day eating them, so I started putting more out and it’s unbelievable how much they love them.  Unfortunately, dried mealworms aren’t cheap, so I’m glad they are enjoying them!  Yesterday, this cutie was all fluffed up trying to stay warm:
It was cold out there–in the negative numbers.  But they seem to be doing OK and I’m glad they are hanging around.  My hope is that they are a breeding pair and will nest nearby this spring.  I’ll be putting up a birdhouse soon–here’s hoping they like it!
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2 Responses to Carolina Wrens

  1. Hey, Cuz … No real need for a nesting box for these “Little Big Mouths”. Just hang a flannel shirt on a tree or clothes line or car rear view mirror and they’ll build a nest in the sleeve or pocket in no time!

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