I love cardinals.  As a photographer, I have this dream picture in my head of a cardinal in the snow.  I’ve never gotten the exact shot I’m hoping for, but fortunately these beautiful birds visit my garden often so I’ll have a lot of chances in the future.


It’s usually the male cardinal in my imaginary perfect picture, but since I’ve been photographing these birds, I’ve noticed how beautiful the female cardinal is also.


Actually, that’s one of the things I’ve grown to love best about photography.  I’ve always loved birds, but since I’ve been photographing them I have learned so much more about them and noticed so much more than I ever did just observing them outside.  The female cardinal always just seemed like a drab bird.  But looking at a photo I can really see how beautiful that bright red beak and red feathers are against the brown background of her body.  Whereas the male is definitely the attention-grabber, the female has a subtleness to her beauty that is really spectacular.


Oh, but that male!  He does play the role of attention-grabber really well!

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