Squirrels.  You either love them, or you hate them.  I happen to love them.  They are so adorable, so curious, and completely persistent when they want something.  We have a few regulars in our yard.  We had one girl that came to our door every day for years.  The kids enjoyed giving her nuts and she would sit on the step and eat them.  Very cute, until she became pretty aggressive about her food.  There were times I couldn’t even open the door because she wouldn’t back off at all.  She got old, and sick, and it was awful to watch.  Finally, I saw a red-tail hawk make two separate grabs for her.  Soon after that, she was gone for good, so I assume the bird was finally successful.

No more feeding squirrels for me after that experience.  Oh, they get plenty to eat in my yard–they are always under the feeders eating seeds and we put the occasional ear of corn out for them–but I don’t feed them at the door anymore.

Have you ever seen a baby squirrel?  They are completely adorable.  I remember as a kid my mom found a group of baby squirrels that were pushed out of the nest.  She tried to keep one alive, but it died.  I had the really cool experience of seeing a nestful of baby red squirrels last spring.  I looked up and saw one baby popping his head out of the tree.

3649squirrelfbThis caught my attention and he was quickly followed by his three brothers or sisters.  The mom was running all around chattering and I quickly caught a photo of the babies and the mom standing by on the side.


I love this picture.  The focus is off, but it’s the best I could do in the moment and I’m just glad I caught anything.

Squirrels are amazing acrobats.  What is the point of hanging upside down from a tree, gripping with only your back toes, and eating a nut?  Wouldn’t it be much more comfortable to eat in another position?  I guess since they can, they do.


Photographing squirrels is always fun because they will make eye contact with you and sit there for quite a while.  And it’s not unusual for them to do something completely silly, like this:


And finally, this is my favorite squirrel right now and spends every day in our yard:


You might wonder how I can tell her apart from the others in the yard.  It’s easy.  She’s the one that’s always giving me the finger!

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2 Responses to Squirrels

  1. Crooked Tracks says:

    I love your photos. Squirrels always make me laugh. They also visit under our bird feeders. I like to watch them running along the tree branches. They are little acrobats 🙂 Judy

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