Dark-Eyed Juncos


Dark-Eyed Juncos are a type of sparrow.  They spend the winter months here in Michigan (as well as the rest of North America) and then return to Canada for the summer.  They do stay year-round in parts of the US–particularly the western mountainous areas.  Many people around here refer to them as “snowbirds.”  I can’t think of another bird that winters here and leaves for the summer.  Can you?


I see Juncos every day in my yard.  They usually feed on the ground–eating seeds that have spilled from the feeders.  Only occasionally do I see them actually perched on a feeder.   Their color seems to vary a lot–sometimes they seem lighter brown and sometimes the feathers above the white seem almost black.


Soon, these adorable birds will be leaving Michigan and I won’t see them again until next winter.  I think they are the only thing I’m going to miss about this winter!


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2 Responses to Dark-Eyed Juncos

  1. JFW says:

    HI Carol, Enjoyed my first visit to this blog. Wonderful presentation great photos.

    Have a wonderful day,

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