Butterfly Dreams vs. the Cold Hard Truth

I love so much about winter–I really do.  But it really needs to leave Michigan already.  We’ve recently had a little taste of warmer weather (I’m talking 20’s and 30’s here) and this stupid polar vortex that I’ve never heard of before needs to take a hike.  This morning the temperature is something like 10 below and the next week looks miserably cold.  I don’t know the specifics–I refuse to hear them.  But for goodness sake, enough already!


Ah, that’s better!  Boy, how I want to take a walk in the warm sunshine and photograph flowers and butterflies.  It’s not going to happen for a while, but I can dream while looking at my pictures.  I remember taking the above photo at Airlie Gardens in North Carolina.  I had just spent a ton of time in the butterfly house snapping pictures and then walked out and saw this beautiful butterfly on the grounds.  I love this photo.

Butterfly houses are a lot of fun and a great place to get some really good butterfly photos.  A few nearby to me will be opening soon and I can’t wait.  Here are a couple pictures I snapped at butterfly houses.



I love a butterfly’s compound eyes–and especially when they are clear and focused in a photo.

Here are a few more of my favorite butterfly photos.  The colors just make me so happy.



So I’m dreaming.  It will get warmer, the landscape will melt and bloom into all the colors of spring and summer.  And there will be butterflies again.


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4 Responses to Butterfly Dreams vs. the Cold Hard Truth

  1. Crooked Tracks says:

    Thank you for the beautiful butterfly photos. That’s just what I needed to see this morning 🙂

  2. John Blair says:

    Lovely butterfly photos, Carol! I have been doing the same as you on these cold winter days – looking through some of my summertime photos. I too was dismayed to hear brutal winter conditions extending into next week. Silly me, I thought that since the calender says “March” that temps would suddenly move up into the 40’s LOL. BTW, regarding butterfly houses, in case this one isn’t already on your radar, my friend Brenda Dziedzic has a beautiful butterfly house with all native Michigan Butterflies set up on the grounds of Barson’s Nursery (6414 Merriman Road, Westland, MI 48185). I think she opens it up in early June and it is outstanding! She loves to educate folks about butterflies and often gives away butterfly larva as long as people have the host plant to feed them. Also, a photographer’s dream as the butterflies are sailing around everywhere inside.

    • Wow John, I did not know about that butterfly house. I am waiting for the one at Meyer Gardens to open in Grand Rapids this spring. I would love to check out the one at Barson’s Nursery. This weather is beyond crazy! Although I love watching the birds in my yard, I’m ready to venture out a bit more.

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