Long-Tailed Duck


I was so excited to see my first Long-Tailed Duck yesterday.  There were 2 females hanging out downriver of the dam–the only bit of open water on the river right now.  They were there with a handful of Lesser Scaups.  I’ll have to check the area out again and see if I can spot a male Long-Tailed.  The males have extremely long central tail feathers–I would love to get a photo of one.

The Long-Tailed Duck used to be called an Oldsquaw–a fact which became important to me when I couldn’t find the bird in my (old) field guide.  These sea ducks can dive up to 200 feet for food!  Pretty amazing for a little bird!

I love spotting new-to-me birds.  It hasn’t happened in a while, so yesterday was a good day.

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One Response to Long-Tailed Duck

  1. Crooked Tracks says:

    Always fun to see a new bird 🙂

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