So, this happened.

IMG_0946fbWe have one big picture window in our dining room.  It’s my favorite window in the house–it looks out onto a big wooded lot and all my bird feeders are out there.  Every once in a while, some silly bird flies into the window.  I can only recall one or two birds that actually died when that happened–I found them on the ground under the window.  But, over the years, a handful of other birds have hit the window and then slowly recovered.  Yesterday, we heard a bird hit, and when I looked outside it had fallen down into the snow.

I’ve heard that you should not pick up an injured bird if you can avoid doing so.  It can stress the bird out and not be good for them.  So I don’t if it can be helped, but face-down in the snow doesn’t seem like a good place to recover!  I did pick up this little Goldfinch yesterday and held it gently in my warm gloves.  The bird stayed for a couple minutes and then flew onto a fence for a few minutes more.

0971goldfinchfbAfter that, she/he flew into a tree and seemed to be just fine.

About three years ago, an Indigo Bunting flew into my neighbor’s window.  We didn’t pick him up but just kept an eye on him while he recovered so no neighborhood cats would get him.  I remember it took him a long time, but finally he flew off, again looking just fine.

5240indigobuntingfbI did a little research on the web and there’s tons of information out there about ways to minimize the chance that birds will fly into your windows.  Here’s a link to one website that has a number of ideas.  I’ll have to look into some of those ideas and see what might work for us.

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7 Responses to So, this happened.

  1. neihtn2012 says:

    We have a similar problem with our glass patio door, but closing the curtains during the day is not an option.
    Very nice photos by the way.

  2. I am so glad your bird recovered. For me personally, I feel so terrible if it is something we have done to cause the birds’ deaths, such as having windows on our homes. Now, we need those windows, it’d be crazy not to, but yet, these deaths are our fault.

    We use the ABC bird tape. At first I felt caged in with all the stripes going down the big picture window, but we enjoy birds so much that it was worth it. (We also have this tape on other windows that were known to cause trouble. ) Not a single bird death after it was put up. Windowalert was what we used at first, but I am not sure we had them as close as we should. If birds think they can fly through a small space, they will.

    I hope neigtn2012 finds something to help their birds. 🙂 There are so many options besides closing curtains.

  3. Crooked Tracks says:

    We also have a big picture window and I will definitely look into your links. We have only had one bird hit the window and it was OK.

  4. DAnnie Leibovitz says:

    That first picture is fantastic! Who took that one?

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