Snow Day


A female Cardinal from a few days ago~before winter came back.

We’re expecting up to 9 inches of snow today.  That’s particularly ironic, because yesterday was the day I finally cleared my driveway of all the ice that has accumulated since December.  The birds are very active out at the feeders.  The squirrel is desperately trying to get onto the mealworm feeder, but so far the Carolina Wrens are scoring the bulk of them.

Although I’m ready to say goodbye to winter, it is so pretty outside right now with all the new snow coming down.  I’ll snap a few photos to preserve the memory and then I hope it all melts–quickly!

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2 Responses to Snow Day

  1. Crooked Tracks says:

    I was surprised this morning to find that we got a couple inches of snow last night. A couple of warm days made me forget that it is still March 🙂

  2. Those warm days had me very hopeful too! But there’s no hint of spring out there today.

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