Spring is here!


Yeah, yeah I know.  There is snow on the ground, it’s still cold, and I actually saw snowflakes today.  But the calendar says spring and I’m going with it!  We actually have had a few brighter, sunnier days and it just feels better to be outside.  I took a walk down by the river yesterday and photographed this beautiful American Robin, who seemed to be posing for me.  Even though I know they’ve been here all winter, I still think of spring whenever I see them.  She was sitting on a bridge with the river behind her and stayed for a long time while I watched her.

When I walked down to the water, there was a pair of Bufflehead swimming nearby–a male and a female.  The diving ducks are new to me and I hoped to get a decent picture, but they quickly swam further away and very soon after flew away.  There were not many other birds around, just a few Mallards.

I walked for a bit along a trail by the river.  There were a number of White-throated Sparrows flying in the bushes and foraging on the ground.

2155whitethroatedsparrowfbBoy, am I bad at identifying sparrows!  I know the House Sparrow and the White-throated Sparrow, but I can’t keep the rest straight.  This is where being a birder through photography comes in so handy–I can just snap the photo and do the id later.  Another great benefit is that I can post a photo on one of the facebook bird id groups and almost instantly receive help in figuring out the id.


Heading back to my car, there was a group of farm geese near the parking lot.  I think some of these geese are so pretty, and they were happy to be basically right next to me.  There were a number of parents and children in the park, and the kids loved being able to see the geese up close.  I like seeing the kids enjoy the birds even more than I like watching the birds myself.

I took a quick trip to another nearby park, but I only stayed a few minutes and I didn’t see much.  There was one Red-winged Blackbird that sat in one spot for the longest time.

2252redwingedblackbirdfbHe wasn’t calling or hopping from place to place, just sitting.  I caught him stretching a few times, but that was it.  I could hear many other Red-winged Blackbirds, but this one was content to sit and chill.

I’m loving my new lens.  I do seem to have a bit higher percentage of out-of-focus photos than I usually do, but it was really only the second time I took it out and there is a learning curve.  But I love the photos I get where I nail the focus.  I’m so very happy with my purchase, which is good because it took me over a year to decide which lens to buy!

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3 Responses to Spring is here!

  1. neihtn2012 says:

    Your new lens seems to be working out for you. Great photos!

  2. Crooked Tracks says:

    I keep watching for the first robin but I think we need to melt more snow before they come back 🙂

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