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This is a male Brown-headed Cowbird.  I think he is beautiful and first noticed him sitting high in a tree because of his loud singing.  Posting pictures of Cowbirds often results in people commenting about how much they hate them.  … Continue reading

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Down by the River

These swans scared the daylights out of me yesterday morning.  I was walking on a little wooden bridge over the river and these guys came right at me, out of nowhere, running and smacking their wings on the water.  It … Continue reading

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Bluebird of Happiness

This bird will always be my favorite.  He brings me such peace.

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The Excitement of Spring

It’s hard to get anything done these days.  Every day there is more and more going on outside–birds returning, nests being made, flowers blooming–I just want to see it all.  I only had about an hour yesterday to get out.  … Continue reading

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Happy Easter!

It’s Easter morning, and my how times have changed.  The kids are all still sleeping.  Years ago, by this time of the morning, they had already all woken us up, found their baskets, and inhaled pounds of sugar.  I miss … Continue reading

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A Day Outside

  On these beautiful spring days like we had yesterday, all I want to do it be outside.  I had some mom-related work to do yesterday, but every chance I got I grabbed my camera and headed out.  The first … Continue reading

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Not funny, Mother Nature.

I woke up to over 3 inches of snow this morning.  What a cruel joke.  It won’t last long, I know that, but my daffodils and hyacinths have just started to bloom and I want to enjoy every minute of … Continue reading

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