A couple of recent photos

The last few days have been beautiful–sunny and warm(er).  Some of my bulbs are even beginning to pop up.  Today is kind of yucky out–grey and damp.  It’s a good day to go over some old photos and play a bit.  I love playing on photoshop and editing photos.


This Trumpeter Swan was sitting near the edge of the river.  She let me get very close–she really couldn’t care less about me photographing her.  I love how they tuck their beak into their feathers.


Last evening, about a dozen deer stopped by.  We have had so many deer coming to our yard every day.  I know they drive some people crazy, but we planted our garden knowing deer would be a permanent fixture.  We chose plants for our garden that the deer won’t eat.  And we keep wire cages around our tiny vegetable gardens so they will leave them alone.  I don’t mind the deer visiting, and lately they have really enjoyed the bird bath.

The next field trip for the bird class I’m taking is Saturday morning.  I’m hoping for good weather, and a bunch more photos to share!

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