Beautiful day, but where were all the birds?

We had another field trip yesterday morning with the ornithology class I’m taking.  So far, we’ve been very lucky on these field trips and have seen a ton of birds.  But our streak ended yesterday.  It was absolutely freezing out–very windy and grey.  We were hoping to see a Wilson’s Snipe–but no such luck.  We did see a number of ducks–but they were all far off and we needed to use the scope to see them.  We also watched a hawk (either a Cooper’s or a Sharp-Shinned) eating his breakfast in a tree, but again he was too far off to see well and pictures were impossible.  We did see a number of Sandhill Cranes, and I love this one shot I got of one in a field.


Typically, I like to get pictures of birds as close-up as possible.  But sometimes it’s nice to see them from farther away and include the habitat as part of the photo.   I like the overall effect on the Sandhill Crane photo above, and also on this picture of a male Eastern Bluebird I took long ago.


The weather outside improved considerable by the afternoon.  It felt much more like a spring day, with the wind dying down and the sun shining.  I was thrilled to finally see the crocuses blooming in my yard!


Boy, have we waited for that!

And there was one more pleasant surprise yesterday.  After hosting a pair of male Flickers in my yard all winter, I finally saw a female yesterday!  Maybe I’ll have a nesting pair nearby after all!




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One Response to Beautiful day, but where were all the birds?

  1. Crooked Tracks says:

    I love the bluebird. Yes, sometimes it is nice to see a bit of the habitat with the bird.

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