My ornithology class met last night, and the lesson was all about bird sounds.  I confess,  I am terrible at identifying bird calls.  It’s a mystery to me how people can hear a bunch of birds singing and pick out individual species.  Sadly, I’ve even hunted down birds after hearing their calls, only to find a squirrel or a chipmunk!  Pitiful.

But bird sounds do help me find birds!  Yesterday, this Northern Flicker was singing very loudly for a very long time–I’m sure I never would have noticed him otherwise.


Every day I witness more signs that spring really has arrived.  Yesterday I saw a garter snake and a Mourning Cloak (see my past post on this butterfly here).  There were a lot of birds out and they were very active.  This male House Finch was enjoying a bath in my backyard (it’s nice that someone is enjoying my flooded backyard).


My feeders were full all day long.  The woodpeckers are eating so much suet–I need to fill the feeder every day.  And the Goldfinches and Robins are always around.  I’m not seeing flocks of Robins anymore–the way they tend to travel in the winter–but instead I am seeing individuals again.




In the late afternoon, I sat and photographed a male Bluebird for a while.  They are becoming much more common in my world. Their feathers are so incredibly blue that I can spot them very far away.  I am always thrilled to see a Bluebird!


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  1. Crooked Tracks says:

    Yes, it is amazing how some people can recognize each bird song, I just know the basic ones 🙂

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