Walk on the river

Yesterday morning I went out hunting for Bluebirds.  I was so happy to find this male Bluebird and to get a picture of him.  Always a great way to start the day!


The kids are home on spring break this week.  The weather has been fabulous–it’s been the best week of weather we’ve had here in the last 5 months.  Yesterday afternoon, I loaded the bikes into my van and we went to the park near the river.  The kids could get some exercise, and I could get to take pictures of birds.  It was a win-win.


We saw lots of Mallards.  I think the female Mallard is so beautiful!  There weren’t as many diving ducks around as there have been.  There was a pair of Buffleheads, and a group of Red-breasted Mergansers–3 males and a female.  I love watching them dive.  This is the best photo I could get of one of the males:


I also snapped a photo of this pair of Mute Swans–they are lovely!


This Red-winged Blackbird was happy to pose for me.


I decided that this year I’m really going to work on identifying sparrows.  I have a hard time telling those little brown birds apart from one another.  I could hear a number of Song Sparrows singing yesterday, but couldn’t get a peek of one.  Finally, I spotted one on the other side of a chain-link fence.  Most of the pictures I took through the fence didn’t come out well, but I got one good one.


Boy, did it feel good to be outside for a few hours!

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2 Responses to Walk on the river

  1. Crooked Tracks says:

    Love your photo of the bluebird ❤

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