Happy Easter!

It’s Easter morning, and my how times have changed.  The kids are all still sleeping.  Years ago, by this time of the morning, they had already all woken us up, found their baskets, and inhaled pounds of sugar.  I miss those days, but drinking coffee and editing photos is also a good way to greet the Easter morning!





I’ve seen Mr. and Mrs. Flicker every day in my yard.  They are eating like crazy–emptying my suet feeder in record time.  I’m sure they are nesting nearby, but haven’t seen their cavity.  Maybe they will bring some fledglings to the yard with them one day.




The Scilla is blooming everywhere.  I had never noticed this little spring flower until a few years ago.  There is a lot now popping up in yards and in the woods.  Such a beautiful blue color.



In my continued quest to be able to identify sparrows, I caught a picture of this little Chipping Sparrow.  I still have a hard time telling Chipping Sparrows from Tree Sparrows, but I’m getting better.  This Chipping Sparrow has a distinct black eye line.  The Tree Sparrow has more of a rufous line behind the eye.  And the Tree Sparrow has a dark central spot on the breast which is not seen on the bird above.



No spring would be complete without dozens of American Robin photos.  This bird was singing away for a long time.


I often seen raccoons in the evening around my house.  They are so very adorable.  This guy was walking in the woods and, when he saw me coming, started up a nearby tree.  But they don’t just run up the tree–they are so curious that they can’t help peeking around the trunk to see what you are doing.

Happy Easter to all who celebrate, and Happy Spring Day to those who do not.  It’s a wonderful season!

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2 Responses to Happy Easter!

  1. John Blair says:

    As always, I enjoy your blog and photos, Carol.

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