Down by the River


These swans scared the daylights out of me yesterday morning.  I was walking on a little wooden bridge over the river and these guys came right at me, out of nowhere, running and smacking their wings on the water.  It was very sudden and very loud and I’m surprised I got a shot of them at all.  They went under the bridge and landed on the other side.


This one swan was swimming with his wings up, which I guess makes them look bigger and more threatening.  They are aggressive birds, certainly, but so beautiful.

5408chipmunkfbIt’s so nice to see the chipmunks running around again.  I miss them over the winter.


I saw a pair of Bluebirds yesterday–I posted the picture of the male previously, but here is the female.


Finally, a first for me.  I saw a pair of Wood Ducks and was able to just catch a photo of the male.  They were staying very close to the edge of the river, hiding under branches, and it was very hard to get a good shot.  I’ve never seen a Wood Duck up close before.  Well, that’s not completely true.  One time, many years ago, I came home during the day and heard something in my fireplace.  I called Critter Control and they found a Wood Duck that had come down our chimney and was sitting on the flue.  The duck was not hurt, flew away when we took it outside, and a chimney cap prevented any further problems.  I was much happier to see one on the river than in my house!

It’s a rainy day today, but the weekend is supposed to be dry.  I hope to get out again soon.


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11 Responses to Down by the River

  1. Crooked Tracks says:

    I really love your photos, I did see a warbler yesterday so the birds are slowly coming back here.

  2. Thank you! The warblers are coming!

  3. Those swans sure can raise a ruckus, can’t they? I can imagine what it was like seeing them coming right at you like that, LOL. Isn’t it surprising how a duck as boldly marked as a Wood Duck can be so hard to find? And yes, the warblers are coming. My friend just saw a Yellow Warbler at Lake St. Clair Metropark this morning, and we’ve had Yellow-rumps and a Pine Warbler in our yard in Rochester Hills (last week). Yay, migration is on!

    • I’m sure anyone watching me when that swan was coming at me got a good laugh. And yes, that wood duck was seriously hard to see. Yellow Warblers are one of my favorites–can’t wait until I see them back. Thanks for stopping by Kim!

  4. PookyH says:

    I love, love, love these pics – especially the one which you say is a bluebird (who I thought was a robin!)

  5. Jocelyne says:

    Wonderful photography 🙂

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