Last weekend, an American Robin spent a busy couple of days building a nest on our front porch.  It’s up high, by the porch light, on top of a pine cone wreath I have hanging out there.  Our front porch gets a lot of use, and when she disappeared for a couple days I thought for sure she had chosen another nesting site.  But yesterday morning there was one egg in the nest, and by the end of the day there was a second.  She’s out there sitting right now–probably laying a third egg.  We’ll mostly be using another door for the next few weeks, but that’s a small price to pay for watching the eggs hatch and the babies fledge.

It’s been a rainy week, but we have had a few moments of sun here and there.  I took a quick trip to the park with my daughter yesterday–very quick because her patience for stalking birds is not as great as mine.  I got a quick shot of this Warbling Vireo.


I had a bit of trouble identifying this bird, and asked for help from a facebook group.  One of the commenters said she was taught that you’ve got a Warbling Vireo if you can’t make out any field marks.  Sounds about right to me.


Here’s my squirrel buddy sitting out in my yard.


And finally, a male Cardinal.  There have been a lot of Cardinals in the yard lately, and I can never resist photographing them when I see them.  I never get tired of how beautiful they are!

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4 Responses to Eggs!

  1. alifemoment says:

    Wow I love the photos!

  2. Crooked Tracks says:

    I have always loved the blue color of robins eggs. How did you get up there for a photo?

  3. I love the color too–and didn’t really think my photo did it justice. We have chairs on our front porch because my husband and I like to sit out there and read. So it was quick and easy to snap a photo–just hopped on the chair and I was done. The robins seem pretty tolerant of any activity–but we will happily reduce our time on the porch for the next few weeks!

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