Oh, how I love May!

Yesterday morning started out cloudy, but I decided to try a new birding area anyway.  By the time I got there, the sun had come out and it was beautiful.  And boy, did this new park pay off!  I wasn’t there very long before I ran into a friend and his two birding buddies.  They started pointing out birds faster than I could keep up!  There were tons of Yellow-rumped Warblers around.  Although I see them all the time, I never get tired of how beautiful their breeding plumage is.



I was thrilled to be able to photograph two new-to-me warblers.  I watched this Chestnut-sided Warbler for a long time, and it finally gave me two seconds to get a shot.




In the same general area, I also got a shot of this Black-throated Green Warbler:




Those two birds alone made my day, but there was much more to be seen.  Flying overhead was a Broad-winged Hawk.



Last summer, one of these hawks nested in our woods and I really hope they come back again to my area this year.

There were lots of beautiful Palm Warblers.




And lots of sparrows.  I’m finding it very hard to get good at identifying sparrows.  I am pretty sure this is a Song Sparrow.  As always, please correct any incorrect id’s on this site!




Finally, I got a shot of this lovely Grey Catbird singing in the sunshine.




Other birds I saw on this outing included:  a Rose-breasted Grosbeak, a Yellow Warbler, a Blue-headed Vireo (I think!), a Nashville Warbler, a Ruby-Crowned Kinglet, and a number of Red-Winged Blackbirds.


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One Response to Oh, how I love May!

  1. Crooked Tracks says:

    Wow, what a great place you found and the birds love it too 🙂

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