Down by the River


Ruby-crowned Kinglet

I only had a bit of time after dropping my daughter off at school to try to see some birds at a local park.  The birds must have known I was in a hurry because I ended up only going about 10 feet from my car and there were tons of little birds flitting around some low trees next to the river.  This Ruby-crowned Kinglet had no worries about me being nearby and I was happy to get a shot with the ruby crown showing.

A group of 5 or 6 Cedar Waxwings came through.  Sibley’s Field Guide lists these birds as being in my area year-round, but I’m used to seeing them mostly in the fall.  They are hard to photograph–you can’t always see their eyes with that black on their face.  I was happy to get a nicer photo of one than I have before.


Cedar Waxwing


Yellow Warbler

I love these pretty Yellow Warblers.  Such cute little birds.


Warbling Vireo

I’m starting to be able to identify this Warbling Vireo out in the field.  It helps when you see the bird over and over.  That little hooked bill helps me–I can spot that pretty quickly now.

In my last post, I mentioned that I hoped the Broad-winged Hawks came back to my woods to nest this summer.  Well, my wish came true.  I spotted this guy on an evening walk and then saw him again yesterday.  He was way too far away for a great picture, which drives the photographer in me crazy, but the birder in me is so happy to have any shot!  Now I’ll have to keep an eye out for a nest.


Broad-winged Hawk


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2 Responses to Down by the River

  1. Nice photos. I really like that you caught the crown of the Kinglet. They are one of the most energetic birds we try photographing. We do not see many Vireos, but we did see a Blue-headed today, a life bird for us.

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