Crazy week!

What a crazy week it has been.  All the migrating warblers are coming through, and all I want to do is go outside and find new-to-me birds.  As luck has it, this was also a busy week with kids’ activities and appointments, so I’ve been sneaking in a bit of birding wherever I can.



Rose-breasted Grosbeak


I adore the male Rose-breasted Grosbeak.  I finally got a glimpse of one this week, but he made it very difficult for me to get a picture.  I love the contrast colors of the black head, red breast, and light beak.  Beautiful.



American Redstart


The first time I saw an American Redstart was last fall, and it was a female.  I remember having a very hard time identifying the bird.  This beautiful adult male was much easier for me to identify.



Black-and-white Warbler


I’ve seen the Black-and-white Warbler before, but was never able to get a decent photo.  This one made it a bit easier for me.  These adorable little warblers act very much like a nuthatch the way they forage for insects along tree trunks and branches, often standing with their head towards the ground.



White-throated Sparrow


The White-throated Sparrow always seems to pose so nicely for me.  It is much appreciated!



Red Squirrel


This Red Squirrel was chattering like crazy, yelling at me for being nearby.  I’m assuming there was a nest nearby.  I always want to tell them that I would probably never notice them if they would just keep quiet.  What’s the point of all that yelling 🙂



Mourning Dove


In the evening, I looked outside and caught a glimpse of this Mourning Dove sitting right outside my window.  I love how the light was shining off the feathers on the neck showing their iridescence.  Such beautiful, gentle birds!


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2 Responses to Crazy week!

  1. Carol, aren’t the birds just fabulous right now? I’m still at the Biggest Week, having the time of my life!

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