Sunny Sunday

Why yes, it is raining again today.  The good new is that it’s supposed to be nice the rest of the week, and this past Sunday was beautiful.  I snuck out to see what new warblers I could find in the morning.  It seemed like there were quite a few American Redstarts around.  Here’s a picture of a beautiful male:



A male American Redstart


and here is a female:



A female American Redstart


The male Redstarts are stunning, but I love the females too.  It’s so pretty when they fan their tails out and those bright yellow feathers show.



Canada Warbler


The only new-to-me warbler I found that morning was this beautiful Canada Warbler.  My field guide describes it as having a necklace of black streaks on the breast.  This bird was not really shy–it jumped around in the bushes very near to me for a while–but getting a decent shot of it was not easy.  Typical warbler behavior, plus there are many more leaves on the trees now making it even more difficult.

I did find a thrush that I had never seen before.  The only thrush I really know is the Hermit Thrush–with its reddish tail that it tends to pump up and down.  I knew right away this one was not a Hermit Thrush, but I couldn’t identify it as a Swainson’s Thrush until later when I could go back through the pictures.  One field mark that really helped for me was those buffy spectacles on the bird.



Swainson’s Thrush


In the evening, I took a walk in our woods to check on the Broad-winged Hawk.  Her nest is very high up in a tree, but I could see her tail as she is sitting there.  The woods are so beautiful right now.  Trilliums, May Apples, and so many of these beautiful wild geraniums are blooming.



Wild Geraniums


I also checked on a pair of bluebirds that I know are nesting in the woods.  The eggs have hatched and the mom and dad are busy feeding the babies.  It looks like they got to dine on a tasty spider this time:



A female Eastern Bluebird ready to feed her babies.


While I was hiding behind a tree watching the bluebirds, this female Brown-headed Cowbird landed right in front of me.



A female Brown-headed Cowbird


Finally, the robins on our porch are getting bigger every day.  Every other day or so I peek into the nest when the mom isn’t there.  Here’s a quick photo a took on Sunday.



American Robins


At least they are nice and dry under the porch on this rainy day.

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5 Responses to Sunny Sunday

  1. Cnawan Fahey says:

    I’ve been seeing Redstarts too, along with a few other warblers ~ Yellow (love their song!) , Yellow-rumped, I’m forgetting something. Also, so many Baltimore Orioles singing. Love these birds!

    • I love every one of them too. I’m so sorry to see migration time ending–many of the warblers will be heading north to their breeding grounds. Seems like I wait forever for spring, and then it’s gone in a flash.

      • Cnawan Fahey says:

        It’s so true. The migration is such a fleeting moment. In a way, I experience the same sort of phenomenon on my walks each morning. Everything is so fresh and new and alive between dawn and sunrise. Once the sun is up, very quickly the energy shifts into something less magical. So grateful for times that I have been present to these fleeting moments.

  2. Crooked Tracks says:

    I don’t think I have ever seen an American Redstart, what a pretty bird. Of course, I enjoy all the photos you posted, what a beautiful time of year ❤

  3. I saw my first one in the last year. Now I see them all the time. Funny how that happens!

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