Birds, flowers, fish, and mammals

That wonderful few weeks when the spring migrants are back and the leaves are still not open on the trees are coming to an end.  It’s getting much harder for me to photograph the birds who insist on staying high up in the trees.  Plus, the bugs are out in full force–there are gnats everywhere.




This pretty Song Sparrow was kind enough to not fly away when I found it.  It sat for a long time singing and I was able to take a few shots.  Such a nice change from those Warblers that bop around like crazy!




This thrush was another cooperative bird.  Although s/he hopped around a lot, s/he tended to stay in front of me along the path through the woods so I could get a few good looks.  I believe this is a Swainson’s Thrush.

As I came around a corner, a furry little animal caught my eye.  One of my biggest worries when stalking through the woods is that I’ll startle a skunk.  As soon as I got enough of a look to assure myself it wasn’t a skunk, I snuck a little closer.  This little muskrat (that is what it is, right?) moved off towards the river and swam away.







I watched this female Baltimore Oriole for a long time.  She was way up in the tree top, but it was relatively easy to keep an eye on her with those brilliant orange feathers.

As I was walking back to my car, I heard splashing on the river.  I thought maybe a goose or swan had landed on the water, but didn’t see anything.  Then I noticed that huge fish were jumping out of the water in several different spots.  I’m not sure exactly what they were doing, but it was entertaining to watch!  I caught this one just as it was finishing it’s leap.



Later in the day, I took a walk through the woods near my house.  The chipmunks are everywhere.  This one stood just a few steps from me and never moved.  They really are adorable.



I caught a quick peak of a little bird down low in some brush.  Although I knew right away it was a warbler, I had no idea which one.  There was a little branch in front of the bird that I thought was a wing bar–I didn’t realize until looking at the picture later that it was actually a branch.  I was thinking maybe it was a Nashville Warbler, with the grey head and yellow chest, but the Nashville doesn’t have that white throat and someone pointed out to me that the beak is too large for a Nashville.  Turns out this is a female Mourning Warbler–a first for me, and I needed quite a bit of help to identify her.






I didn’t need any help identifying the Gray Catbird pictured above.  I love these birds, and they do sound exactly like a cat!

I passed by the Bluebird nest I’ve been watching.  The father bluebird was just stopping in with some food.  I could hear the babies chirping away, so all seems well.





There are a lot more flowers blooming now.  This Allium caught my eye.  I’ve tried to grow these before, but wasn’t successful (I totally do not have a green thumb!)  I love the purple against the green background.



Lastly, the lilac trees are finally out.  They are probably my favorite.  The smell is just incredible!




Hope you are all out there enjoying all the world has to offer!



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6 Responses to Birds, flowers, fish, and mammals

  1. DAnnie Leibovitz says:

    Cool fish picture! “Carp”e diem.

  2. Carol, great pics, as always, but that Allium is really gorgeous!

  3. Crooked Tracks says:

    Your photos are so wonderful, I am looking forward to when my lilacs bloom ❤

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