I spent the past weekend in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada at a regatta.  It was a spectacular location, beautiful weather, and I’m sure there was much good birding to be had.  However, my priority was watching my daughter, a coxswain, win gold in a National Championship (!), so I resisted the temptation to wander about looking for birds.  As luck would have it (for me, not the bird), there was a Killdeer nesting only a few feet from our tent site.  As over a hundred teams were setting up on the site, this poor bird found herself in the middle of a busy parking lot.  Some kind souls roped off the nest so nobody would drive over it.  I wasn’t there the first day of the race, but people told me the mama was very stressed–coming off the nest and pretending to have a broken wing many times through the day.  By the second day, when I saw her, she seemed more resolved to the situation.  I only saw her come off the nest once of twice when someone walked a little too close for comfort.  She had four eggs.




When we left the regatta on Sunday, she was still fine.  Here’s hoping her chosen nest site works out for her until all the babies safely leave the nest.

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6 Responses to Killdeer

  1. I’m so glad somebody tried to protect her. They choose the worst spots to lay their eggs, don’t they?

  2. Crooked Tracks says:

    Poor mama bird, I hope all the babies are OK after the invasion of the humans 🙂

  3. Kelli Bullock says:

    Wow Carol! I absolutely love this. It’s outstanding; writing and images! Thanks for the invite to your Blog… you are fantastic!!

  4. Thank you Kelli! So glad you stopped by.

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