It doesn’t matter what the calendar says.  It’s summer!  The last day of school was yesterday!

I am so looking forward to taking more regular walks.  I only got out one morning last week and just had time to go through the photos.  I found three nests–a Warbling Vireo, an Eastern Kingbird, and a Baltimore Oriole.

The Warbling Vireo was sitting on her nest singing away.  I’m sure I would have never noticed the nest if she wasn’t being so loud!  All I could really see was the bird’s tail, but at one point she was startled by something and flew off the nest.




After enjoying a tasty bug, she returned to the nest and settled in again.




The Baltimore Oriole’s nest was so covered by leaves that I couldn’t get a decent shot of the bird near the nest.  But here is the male singing away nearby.  They are so pretty–and that bright color makes them easier to see when they are high up in the treetops.




I’ve seen the Eastern Kingbird nest before although the bird was not sitting on the nest then, just perched nearby.  This day, she was sitting on the nest.  Hopefully there will be babies soon.






A beautiful Yellow Warbler caught my attention, singing high up in a tree.  They are so beautiful.  I’ve seen quite a few this year, but haven’t had many chances for a decent picture.




There were two Barn Swallows sitting near each other in a tree.  I believe this is the adult:






and this is a juvenile:




I’m not completely sure about that–I never saw the adult feed the juvenile.  But it seemed that way to me.

Of course, there are still a ton of baby Canada Geese around.  They get big so fast.  These two let me take a few shots while their parents were closely watching them.




When photographing nests and baby birds, I’m always mindful of not stressing the babies or the adults.  I make good use of my zoom lens, and if the parents show any sign that they don’t want me where I am, I move away.  All of these photos were taken on a public path where many people walk every day.


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