A fresh perspective

I decided to change up my routine a bit and head down to the river for my evening walk.  The pathway by the river is a little more open, giving me more light for photographing.  Plus, the mosquitoes have been awful in the woods–they weren’t as bad by the river.




A number of birds–mostly robins and cardinals–were enjoying the fruit off this tree.  This male cardinal was so beautiful against the green of the tree.  Tucked away in another nearby tree was this juvenile robin:




This bird was very difficult to spot, but once I did I waited to see if a parent would come to feed him.  Mom (or Dad) finally showed up with a mouthful of food, but they hopped to a higher branch and I wasn’t able to get a photo.




This is not a great photo, but I was happy to get anything at all.  Two or three of these birds were flying around high in the canopy.  I’m almost certain this is a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher.  I love these little birds, but it’s so hard to get a picture of them, especially this time of year.




This is a female Red-winged Blackbird.  I think they are so pretty.  She was calling loudly and flying back-and-forth over a little swampy area.  No doubt there were babies nearby.  Here’s another look at her:




Just as I was walking back to my car, I noticed a robin with a mouthful of food.  I couldn’t really see what it was, so I snapped a photo to get a closer look.  Three berries!  Now that’s talent!




I love birds!


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7 Responses to A fresh perspective

  1. Crooked Tracks says:

    I love looking at your bird photos. The mosquitoes have been terrible here this year 🙂

    • They have been horrible–so bad that I resorted to using spray even though I hate that stuff!

      • So far our mosquitoes haven’t been bad, but we’ve been dry until recently. Ticks are another story! We use Green Bug, it makes you smell like a walking cedar tree, but it works. There are other natural things, but we find this works the best.

  2. Dumdad says:

    What lovely pix!

  3. I forgot to comment about your young Robin. I walked directly under one yesterday and it never moved.
    I think you are right about the ID of the Gnatcatcher. I have never seen one but one of my children have.
    I hope you are seeing more good birds. We’ve not done much birding away from home recently, but will try this coming week.

    • Thanks for the tip about Green Bug–I’ll have to try it. We are just back from a week away with no internet. I’m putting together a post about our trip, but it’s taking forever. More good birds to come!! Have a great day.

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