A bird, a butterfly, and a flower

Just a few quick shots to share from the last day or two.




This male Indigo Bunting is often sitting on this tree singing at the top of his lungs.  He often flies away the minute I get close, but this time I was able to get in a few quick shots.




My daughter and I visited a natural area near our home that we had never been to before.  I’ve been trying to spot a Pileated Woodpecker and heard that one had been seen there recently.  No luck finding the bird, but there were so many of these beautiful Great Spangled Fritillaries around.  It’s impossible to be unhappy when there are dozens of butterflies in front of you.




Lastly, the flower.  I noticed this very tiny pink wildflower in the woods.  Turns out it is called a Deptford Pink.  So beautiful.

It’s raining here this morning, but is supposed to be beautiful this afternoon.  Have a wonderful day!

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6 Responses to A bird, a butterfly, and a flower

  1. Do you have a CD with bird songs/calls? I really like Stokes as they play more than just the main song of the birds. If you can, listen to the Pileateds. This is how we first discovered the bird, by its call. It sounded an awful lot light laughter if you as me and it would just laugh at us not being able to see it, let alone photographing it.

    I finally feel like I am drying up after all the rains we had, but who would have thought we’d need to wear a jacket in July. It’s been in the lower 50s in the morning.

    • I don’t have a CD, but I will listen to the call on the Cornell website–great idea. It’s chilly here this morning also–had to skip the shorts today and go for jeans!

  2. Why is it typos are not seen until after you click the post button? It should have been “an awful lot LIKE laughter if you ASK me.

  3. Crooked Tracks says:

    I love pileated woodpeckers. For a few years, we had a nesting pair in the trees behind our house. I keep hoping that a new pair will take their place.

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