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Guess what?  Remember the robin that built a nest on our porch?  Well, after the babies fledged, we started using the porch again.  We sit out there to read and the kids come in and out that way, so the robin didn’t reuse the nest.  But then we went away for a week and when we came home, there were two eggs in the nest!  The next day, mama robin laid a third egg and she has been sitting on the nest ever since.  Yeah, more babies!




Our woods are full of blackberries right now.  They are so pretty and so good.




I love the blue color on this damselfly.  Often times they look very black, but when the sun hits them, you can see that vibrant blue color.




This Grackle was tucked up in the leaves and not easy to see.  He was, however, making a ton of noise, which helped me spot him quickly.




I have American Goldfinches at my feeder all winter–and they are in their drab winter plumage.  The summer plumage of the males is so striking.




Here’s another picture of the House Wren singing away.  Love these little birds.

I’m getting ready for a trip to the beach next week.  Need to brush up on my shore birds–can’t wait!

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9 Responses to This and that

  1. Crooked Tracks says:

    We have goldfinches only in the winter. It is a fun sign of spring when they return 🙂

  2. I am really looking forward to using my front door again. Barn Swallows are above the door. But it will be soon… The first time they nested there, we were afraid to use the front yard, not wanting to disturb them, but we found that they do not mind. I do not know how often they are perched on shepherd’s hooks within a handful of feet from me.

    Grackles are pretty when the sun hits them, but that is about all the good I can say. They have some bad bird habits and the Robins rightly get them out of their territory… quickly.

    That is a pretty damsel fly. We’ve seen that type too, but cannot remember their name off hand.

    • I love Barn Swallows–I would love to have them nest near me. My father-in-law has them in his barn sometimes–but not this year.

      • They are a delightful bird, for sure. I really enjoy that song of theirs. When I am in the living room, I can tell when the babies are being fed with the little ruckus they make. I’d give you a link to my photo album from their first time on the porch, but every time I leave a link in a comment, it gets spammed. I won’t risk it. I think my last bird mite post links to it, if you want to look.

  3. That’s interesting — I didn’t think robins would reuse the same nest. Thanks for teaching me something today! Love your photos (as always).

    • I’ve read conflicting info–some say they will reuse the nest, some say not. I guess I can’t be 100% sure this is the same robin–could be a different mama. But at least some robin reused the nest!

      • I think this depends on location (was it a safe place) and if it is not overrun with mites. We had a pair of Robins reuse a year-old nest in our Kitchen Tree. The pair had a different mama from last year, but I think the male was the same. I compared pictures and this year’s female looked different.

  4. neihtn2012 says:

    Could you take a picture of mama robin in her nest?

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