Blue Jay



A pair of Blue Jays has been hanging out at our feeders with their fledglings.  Our feeders are a little small for them, but they make it work!  I love the markings on these birds.  They usually don’t hang out in our yard, so I’ll be interested to see how long they stay around.

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3 Responses to Blue Jay

  1. Crooked Tracks says:

    This looks like a youngster. I have always liked the color of blue jays.

  2. They are a fun bird and one year we had youngins come. They were a hoot to watch. So playful. We have Jays year-round and get up to ten in the winter. This year when they tried coming to the feeding area after the Robins set up house, that didn’t go so well. The Robins refused to have them anywhere near their tree. I think they had past experience with the Jays raiding their nest. That is the very reason I keep nuts out all year, to make sure there is a food source for the Blue Jays. I try…

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