I finally got my flash off-camera!  I love my 100-400 lens, but I really do need quite a bit of light for it to perform best.  I’ve never liked the look I get when using my flash on-camera.  So I picked up a cheap wireless trigger system for my flash.  This won’t help me much with my bird photography, but I loved playing around with it while photographing flowers in my garden.  Here are some of the results.








It gives me so much more flexibility to be able to photograph flowers when the light is low.  I have a lot of learning to do when it comes to flash photography, but I’m looking forward to it.

We spent yesterday afternoon out at my father-in-law’s farm.  It was a warm day, but you can still feel fall coming.  I was so surprised when I looked in one of his outbuildings and saw four little heads peeking out of a mud nest.  This Barn Swallow nest has been around for a long time, and I hadn’t seen any babies yet this summer.  It seems late in the season for nestlings, but maybe that’s not unusual.



I also got a shot of an American Goldfinch at the farm.  I love the colors of the males this time of year.




I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!



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2 Responses to Flashy

  1. Crooked Tracks says:

    Yes, I would think it a bit late for a birds nest but who knows, I hope they grow up fast 🙂

  2. Jim says:

    Fabulous pictures as always. You really do understand how to capture a great photo. Those little birds better busy! Looks like they thought you came to feed them.

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