A couple new birds

We’ve had a few beautiful, sunny days lately.  I was lucky enough to see two new birds in the last two days.  The first was a Yellow-billed Cuckoo.  I have heard of this bird, but never have seen it before.  It was sitting high in a tree eating caterpillars.  It stayed for a long time and I was lucky enough to get a few shots.






Yesterday, I was out again and caught a glimpse of this warbler.




I didn’t have a clue what type of warbler this was until I could scour my field guide.  It turns out this is a first winter female Blackburnian Warbler.  Note the dark cheek surrounded by yellow and the broad yellow partial eye-ring.  She may not have the unmistakable flaming-orange throat that the adult breeding male has, but she is still very pretty!

Hope you are having a good week.

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