The Colors of Fall

What a beautiful season fall is!  Everything is washed in beautiful color, and there is nothing better than the light at sunrise.  I’ve been trying to get out early and often, and have a few pictures to share.




The morning I spent walking around this meadow was magical.  The sun was low, and bright, and everything was backlit and beautiful.  Yellows, reds, golds–it just didn’t stop.  There were a number of spider webs covered in dew that looked beautiful in the early sun.




There are Goldfinches everywhere right now.  I think I love the winter plumage on these guys more than the summer plumage.




I also caught a peek of a beautiful female Rose-breasted Grosbeak.




We all know the excitement of seeing flowers in the spring.  But fall foliage and flowers can be just as beautiful.  This oak leaf is perfect.




And the milkweed that helped the monarchs all summer long looks just as beautiful in the fall.




And the grasses.  Just gorgeous.




Yesterday, I headed out in the morning to a park I haven’t been to for a while.  There was a beautiful Green Heron right by the parking lot.  I watched this bird for a very long time and got a ton of shots.  It was a little cloudy–the light was far from perfect–but it’s only the second time I’ve gotten to photograph this bird and it was wonderful.




Of course, I went back this morning to try my luck again.  No Green Heron this time, but I did get to see some Pied-billed Grebes and a Wood Duck!






And lastly, I want to share a picture of the lunar eclipse this morning.  It was the first blood moon I’ve seen and it was beautiful!




Get out and enjoy the fall!

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One Response to The Colors of Fall

  1. Crooked Tracks says:

    It was cloudy so I didn’t see the moon, love your fall photos 🙂

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