Lots to share

I’ve been trying to get outside at least an hour a day for the past few weeks.  It’s definitely getting chillier out (although we did have a freaky warm day recently!) and I can hardly believe Halloween is only 2 days away.  Fall migration is winding down and many of the leaves have fallen from the trees.  Here are some pictures from the past week.



A Black-capped Chickadee



Wood Ducks on a very foggy morning



Sunrise in the woods–magical!



An Eastern Phoebe


8811goldfinchfb 8904goldfinchfb


American Goldfinches everywhere!



A Hermit Thrush



My first Eastern Towhee!


This past weekend, I traveled to Northern Michigan for 2 days.  Although I saw surprisingly few birds (except for a memorable Bald Eagle flying directly over my car), the scenery was absolutely stunning!





Returning home again, I was happy to find my second new-to-me bird this week:  Pine Siskins:



Pine Siskins


Along with the Pine Siskins, Cedar Waxwings, Robins, and House Finches were enjoying all the fall berries:



A Cedar Waxwing



A Robin



A House Finch


And finally, one of the best things about winter coming–I can see the hawks in my woods much more easily.  This beautiful Red-tail Hawk landed right outside my window and I was able to get a shot because the leaves have fallen.



A Red-tail Hawk


Enjoy your Halloween, and I hope to have lots more to share soon!





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One Response to Lots to share

  1. Crooked Tracks says:

    I love the chickadees, we have so many of them at our feeders now 🙂

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