White-throated Sparrow

I love the White-throated Sparrow.  We see them during migration, and I always look forward to it.  They are not hard to spot, and will often get quite close, allowing good pictures.  My favorite is the more boldly marked white-striped variety:




There is also a less boldly marked tan-striped variety:




I’ve heard that White-throated Sparrows will often visit backyard feeders, but I have never had one come to mine.

Hope to see more of these adorable birds before the winter sets in!



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5 Responses to White-throated Sparrow

  1. Cnawan Fahey says:

    I love these too…their song, rendered,”Oh-sweet-canada-canada-canada”, is so high pitched and beautifully clear. One of my favorites. The adults sing it perfectly in the spring, but the adolescent males, that one hears practicing in the fall as they migrate, struggle with it a bit. Kind of cute, actually. They scratch the ground for seeds, so one would need a large, flat tray feeder for them to land and feed on, as I believe they wouldn’t perch on a bin feeder.

    • I keep wondering about those tray feeders. I would have to hang it or the squirrels would take it over. And I imagine the seeds would get wet in the rain and snow, even with a cover. But it might be worth it to attract some new birds to my yard.

      • Cnawan Fahey says:

        Hanging it might make it too unsteady for ground feeding birds to feel comfortable. You can by those cone-shaped baffles that go around posts to prevent squirrels from climbing up them. Yes, rotting seeds are an issue, so one just needs to brush off the snow and anything thats gotten wet. The WT sparrows are here so briefly in the fall, would not be around in the winter…most winter birds are okay on the perching feeders. Though let me fact-check that…

  2. jwlw says:

    White-throated Sparrow is at our feeders feeding on the ground mostly and in a tray feeder some.
    When the ground is frozen and covered with snow they use the feeders. I am feeding a supreme mix from Dodge Grain.

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