I want my Flickers back.



The last two winters I had a pair of Flickers visiting my garden.  I saw them almost every day.  This year, they have been here a few times, but not very regularly at all.



They are fun birds to watch.  Here’s hoping they come to visit a little more often.

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One Response to I want my Flickers back.

  1. Cnawan Fahey says:

    I so love flickers. Their distinct coloration that is so reminiscent to that a game bird, yet they are in the woodpecker family, plus the imperative, commanding nature of their call, gives them a certain mystic…. On the farm where I grew up, when I was in my early teens, a pair were nesting in the hollow knot of a tree. Once, seeing one leave as the other entered, I knocked on the tree just outside the knot. The flicker poked its head out, and for a moment we were eye-to-eye, not 12 inches apart. We were both startled.

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