We’re getting a big snowstorm today in SE Michigan.  They have been predicting this for a few days, so I made an effort to spend some time by the river yesterday morning when it was nice and sunny.  I was hoping to spot some diving ducks–some of my favorite birds.  There were Hooded Mergansers, and Common Goldeneyes, and Redheads.  I was having a great time watching and photographing them (even though they stubbornly refused to come close) when I heard a terrible racket from a group of wild domestic geese (what is the correct term for these geese?  They are wild in that they live in the wild, but they are descended from domestic geese, correct?  I don’t know much about these types of geese).  Two males (I assume) were fighting while two females (I assume) were watching (cheering?,  scolding?) from the sidelines.




Along with the geese, there were Trumpeter swans calling and the noise was very loud.  They couldn’t help but draw my attention.  The fight continued.




I’ve seen squabbles between birds many times, but this one looked and sounded pretty intense.  The battling pair moved towards the middle of the river and the fight seemed to escalate even further.  The onlooking female geese got a little closer to the action, honking the whole time.




The dramatic conclusion can be seen in the following series of photos.  One goose got the other by the neck:




and pushed his head under the water:




I’m guessing this indicated who the winner was, because the dominant goose seemed to celebrate while the “loser” swam away, looking a bit defeated–and wet!



And that was the end of it.  It really was a pretty fascinating interaction to watch!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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2 Responses to Fight!

  1. John Blair says:

    Wow – I have never seen anything like this before, Carol. You got some incredible photos of this event – super job!!

  2. neihtn2012 says:

    I have never seen such fighting! Great action shots!

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