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Winter birding isn’t so bad

When winter begins, it always feels as if my birding days will be over for a long time.  But the truth is that winter can be a great time for bird watching.  My yard has been so busy with activity … Continue reading

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Lots to share

I’ve been trying to get outside at least an hour a day for the past few weeks.  It’s definitely getting chillier out (although we did have a freaky warm day recently!) and I can hardly believe Halloween is only 2 … Continue reading

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Every once in a while

Every once in a while, I have a day where the birds just seem to come find me.  Friday was one of those days.  I got out earlier than usual, which may have also contributed to the birds being more … Continue reading

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A rainy start to the beach

I’m at one of my favorite places in the world–the beach.  I wait all year for beach sunrises and early-morning birds on the beach.  Sadly, it is raining right now.  Yuck. The first night I was here was the night … Continue reading

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We spent last week at a beautiful rental house on the edge of Rough River Lake in western Kentucky.  It was a week without internet just to connect as a family, visit nearby Mammoth Caves, and enjoy nature.  The very … Continue reading

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Birding close to home

A pair of Black-Capped Chickadees has been busy making a nest in the tiny cavity of this tree.  They’ve been working hard at it.  They were excavating the cavity–one would go in, emerge with a wood chip, and fly away.  … Continue reading

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I’ve never been very good at identifying birds by their calls.  But I know the Chickadee.  It’s always very helpful when the bird just says it’s name for you!  Here in Michigan, we have the Black-capped Chickadee, and I think … Continue reading

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