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A fabulous 4th of July weekend.

Nothing like a three day weekend!  We’re getting a thunderstorm right now, but the long weekend was fabulous.  I spent most of the day Friday taking pictures and I have lots to share.     These little Warbling Vireos are … Continue reading

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Birds, flowers, fish, and mammals

That wonderful few weeks when the spring migrants are back and the leaves are still not open on the trees are coming to an end.  It’s getting much harder for me to photograph the birds who insist on staying high … Continue reading

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Down by the River

These swans scared the daylights out of me yesterday morning.  I was walking on a little wooden bridge over the river and these guys came right at me, out of nowhere, running and smacking their wings on the water.  It … Continue reading

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Birding close to home

A pair of Black-Capped Chickadees has been busy making a nest in the tiny cavity of this tree.  They’ve been working hard at it.  They were excavating the cavity–one would go in, emerge with a wood chip, and fly away.  … Continue reading

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