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There have been so many deer coming to our yard this winter.  They keep eating the seed out of my sunflower feeders.  One night last week I looked out and there were 8 deer in our garden.  We’ve had a … Continue reading

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Winter birding isn’t so bad

When winter begins, it always feels as if my birding days will be over for a long time.  But the truth is that winter can be a great time for bird watching.  My yard has been so busy with activity … Continue reading

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A 9-Point Buck!

  Look who came to visit our yard.  A 9-point buck!  This boy is so beautiful, and he has been coming back to the yard every evening.  He has been eating all the black-oil sunflower seeds out of my bird … Continue reading

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  I had a magical walk in the woods last night.  It was right around dusk, very quiet, and not much was moving.  All of a sudden, I noticed a buck not far from me.  He saw me at the … Continue reading

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A couple of recent photos

The last few days have been beautiful–sunny and warm(er).  Some of my bulbs are even beginning to pop up.  Today is kind of yucky out–grey and damp.  It’s a good day to go over some old photos and play a … Continue reading

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