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Just dropping by

I’m putting together a post with a bunch of bird photos from the last week or so.  It’s migration time, and the Warblers are back!  Warbler id’s are not easy for me, so while I try to correctly id the … Continue reading

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  I love September.  The kids are all back in school and I have the house to myself for the first time in a long time.  I do love having the kids home, but boy do I enjoy the quiet … Continue reading

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I finally got my flash off-camera!  I love my 100-400 lens, but I really do need quite a bit of light for it to perform best.  I’ve never liked the look I get when using my flash on-camera.  So I … Continue reading

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I finally found some butterflies! We were out at my father-in-law’s farm last weekend and both my husband and I thought we had our first glimpse this year of a Monarch.  I did think it looked a little small, and … Continue reading

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Where are all the butterflies?

I keep looking, but rarely see one.  Are there fewer around?  Am I just having an unlucky year?  They are one of my favorite things to photograph and I’m just not seeing any. Yesterday, I decided to swing by the … Continue reading

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A Reshoot

On my last post, I included a picture of some seeds floating away from a thistle flower.  I liked that picture, but there was one part I was unhappy with–I had wished for a more even, green background behind the … Continue reading

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Why must some people be so cruel?

I had a really upsetting thing happen a few days ago while walking near the river. Three twenty-somethings, two men and a woman, were entertaining themselves by throwing huge rocks at a family of ducks. The baby ducks couldn’t fly … Continue reading

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