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Winter birding isn’t so bad

When winter begins, it always feels as if my birding days will be over for a long time.  But the truth is that winter can be a great time for bird watching.  My yard has been so busy with activity … Continue reading

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August is a very good month

So many beautiful wildflowers are blooming right now.  They are attracting all kinds of birds, butterflies, and bees.  I’m very happy with a few of the photos I took yesterday as I was walking along the river.   I caught … Continue reading

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Crazy week!

What a crazy week it has been.  All the migrating warblers are coming through, and all I want to do is go outside and find new-to-me birds.  As luck has it, this was also a busy week with kids’ activities … Continue reading

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Mourning Doves

Is there any sweeter bird than the Mourning Dove?  They were my grandfather’s favorite bird.  So graceful.  Their call is a soft cooing and their wings make a sharp sound when they take off.  Everything about them seems to be … Continue reading

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