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We’re getting a big snowstorm today in SE Michigan.  They have been predicting this for a few days, so I made an effort to spend some time by the river yesterday morning when it was nice and sunny.  I was … Continue reading

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It doesn’t matter what the calendar says.  It’s summer!  The last day of school was yesterday! I am so looking forward to taking more regular walks.  I only got out one morning last week and just had time to go … Continue reading

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Babies everywhere!

Next week is the last week of school.  I’ve been running from one activity to another.  I cannot wait for some lazy summer days ahead!  Birding will have to take a backseat until then, but I did take one quick … Continue reading

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Spring is exhausting!

The trees, the flowers, the birds–all I want to do is be outside photographing it all.  Of course, my children have other ideas of what they would like to be doing, so it has been tough getting out there.  But … Continue reading

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Down by the River

These swans scared the daylights out of me yesterday morning.  I was walking on a little wooden bridge over the river and these guys came right at me, out of nowhere, running and smacking their wings on the water.  It … Continue reading

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Walk on the river

Yesterday morning I went out hunting for Bluebirds.  I was so happy to find this male Bluebird and to get a picture of him.  Always a great way to start the day! The kids are home on spring break this … Continue reading

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A couple of recent photos

The last few days have been beautiful–sunny and warm(er).  Some of my bulbs are even beginning to pop up.  Today is kind of yucky out–grey and damp.  It’s a good day to go over some old photos and play a … Continue reading

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