I’ve recently snapped a few bird portraits that I thought I’d share.  These were taken over the last week in my yard.



Blue Jay



Female Northern Cardinal



Female Northern Cardinal



Male Northern Cardinal



Carolina Wren



American Tree Sparrow




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Winter birding isn’t so bad

When winter begins, it always feels as if my birding days will be over for a long time.  But the truth is that winter can be a great time for bird watching.  My yard has been so busy with activity the past few days.  It has been bitterly cold and snowy and the birds are really loving the food I put out.  I provide nyjer thistle, black oil sunflower seeds, suet, dried mealworms, a ground seed mix including cracked corn and millet,  and a heated birdbath.  I also threw a Christmas tree out by my feeder and sprinkle seeds over it–that gets a ton of interest from the birds.  I did that hoping it would give them a bit of protection from the hawk that keeps stalking my yard.  Here are some pictures from the past few days.



A male House Finch.




A Mourning Dove in the snow.



A Tufted Titmouse at the heated birdbath.



A Tufted Titmouse at the mealworm feeder.



A Carolina Wren at the mealworm feeder.



A Tufted Titmouse waiting for a turn at the feeders.



A regular visitor in the yard lately–especially at night to clean out my sunflower seeds!


I’ll take a warm summer day over a cold winter day anytime, but even I have to admit that birding in the winter isn’t all that bad!

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He just makes me laugh.



Happy New Year everyone!

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Red-tail Hawk


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I want my Flickers back.



The last two winters I had a pair of Flickers visiting my garden.  I saw them almost every day.  This year, they have been here a few times, but not very regularly at all.



They are fun birds to watch.  Here’s hoping they come to visit a little more often.

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So this just happened…

My husband and I just walked in the door this morning when I noticed something fly across the yard.  I looked out to find that a Cooper’s Hawk had caught his morning meal–a Mourning Dove.




It was quite an adrenaline rush as my camera was struggling to find focus in the poor morning light.  I was so happy I got any picture!

Many people are bothered by images of raptors with their prey.  But the behavior of these beautiful birds is fascinating to me.  And I like to imagine that the Mourning Dove was old and sickly and ready to go.  All birds have to eat.

Have a great day!








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Winter visitors

I’m starting to see some of my winter regulars in my yard, including Dark-eyed Juncos, Northern Flickers, and Carolina Wrens.  The Juncos are only here in the winter; the Flickers and Carolina Wrens are in my area year round, but they usually only visit my yard in the winter.  It’s so nice having a chance to watch these birds close-up!




Dark-eyed Junco




Northern Flicker




Carolina Wren



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