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The Power of Bad Photos

As I’ve been working on improving my photography, the thought has entered my mind to stop snapping so many random pictures when I’m out and about.  I pretty much know when a picture is going to be out of focus … Continue reading

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I know a lot of people don’t like chipmunks, but I find them so adorable I can’t help it.  Yes, they are ruining my garden, but they are so much fun to watch.  This guy has his home in an … Continue reading

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Bald Eagle

How lucky am I to get to photograph this juvenile bald eagle up close?  I happen to live near a science center which is home to a number of raptors whose various injuries have made it impossible for them to … Continue reading

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Yellow-Rumped Warbler

How have I never noticed these birds before?  They were just everywhere when I was walking through Kensington and I’ve also noticed them in the woods behind my house this year.  It was so hard to get a decent picture … Continue reading

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Palm Warbler

Found this Palm Warbler on a walk through Kensington Metropark.  This was the only one I saw that day–although there were a ton of Yellow-Rumped Warblers around.  Makes me crazy trying to photograph these guys–they jump around so much it’s … Continue reading

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Mourning Cloak

A new butterfly for me, this is called a Mourning Cloak.  The longest-lived North American butterfly, it is unique in that is does not have to migrate.  It can over-winter in Michigan, emerging from hollow trees in the spring to … Continue reading

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