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A Reshoot

On my last post, I included a picture of some seeds floating away from a thistle flower.  I liked that picture, but there was one part I was unhappy with–I had wished for a more even, green background behind the … Continue reading

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Why must some people be so cruel?

I had a really upsetting thing happen a few days ago while walking near the river. Three twenty-somethings, two men and a woman, were entertaining themselves by throwing huge rocks at a family of ducks. The baby ducks couldn’t fly … Continue reading

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How fast they grow

The robins on my porch fledged yesterday morning.  When my husband left for work, we found this one fresh out of the nest sitting on the porch.     I’m going to take the nest down this time because it … Continue reading

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Goodbye beach

My yearly beach vacation is over.  Although it’s good to be home, I don’t know how I’ll make it a whole year without seeing the ocean.  It’s such a peaceful place to be. I had hoped to see more birds … Continue reading

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Purple Martins

I went out yesterday morning hoping to get a picture of an Osprey.  There was a nest quite far away–across the waterway–but I was hoping the birds would fly close by and I could get a few shots.  They never … Continue reading

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Shore birds

I love my annual beach vacations and I always look forward to seeing shore birds that I don’t see at home.  I’m in New Jersey this week, and the salt marshes near us are home to many birds.  I believe … Continue reading

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A rainy start to the beach

I’m at one of my favorite places in the world–the beach.  I wait all year for beach sunrises and early-morning birds on the beach.  Sadly, it is raining right now.  Yuck. The first night I was here was the night … Continue reading

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