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Butterfly Dreams vs. the Cold Hard Truth

I love so much about winter–I really do.  But it really needs to leave Michigan already.  We’ve recently had a little taste of warmer weather (I’m talking 20’s and 30’s here) and this stupid polar vortex that I’ve never heard … Continue reading

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Just Popping In…

…to share this little guy with you.  Have a great day!

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Dark-Eyed Juncos

Dark-Eyed Juncos are a type of sparrow.  They spend the winter months here in Michigan (as well as the rest of North America) and then return to Canada for the summer.  They do stay year-round in parts of the US–particularly … Continue reading

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I have more goldfinches in my garden than any other bird.  Goldfinches are strict vegetarians–they feed all day long on the black oil sunflower seeds and thistle seeds in my feeders.  There are often many goldfinches on a feeder at … Continue reading

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Mourning Doves

Is there any sweeter bird than the Mourning Dove?  They were my grandfather’s favorite bird.  So graceful.  Their call is a soft cooing and their wings make a sharp sound when they take off.  Everything about them seems to be … Continue reading

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Bluebirds and Botanical Gardens

I haven’t taken a walk through the woods in a long time.  Every winter I tell myself I will get out every day.  And I try.  But this winter has been so cold, and the temptation to watch the birds … Continue reading

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I recently posted about Northern Flickers which are an unusual kind of woodpecker.  They forage on the ground a lot, which is not how I usually picture a woodpecker.  Most woodpeckers cling to the sides of trees, banging their heads … Continue reading

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